Brett Ward

I Started my IT Career at 16 years of age. I rapidly became one of the leading sales staffs and rose to senior status within the business in less than a year.

I then moved into IT distribution for one of the biggest UK IT distributors, the business turned over circa 160M. I grew a large vendor from inception to a £6m Vendor revenue stream in the space of one year. 

I then joined independent distribution as a sales account manager, rose to senior status within two years and received a promotion to Account Director in my final years of the company.

In all my roles I have had dialogue with purchasing, sales functions and had regular engagement with the directors of the business.

My role at Airnow will see me managing and using all my experience to develop and grow the UK’s leading and fastest growing reseller, I am incredibly excited to be on the journey with my fellow Directors at Airnow. We are such a cohesive and dynamic management team.